It's Dub, Downtempo and Techno reverberating far beyond genre borders. It has a summer Reggae vibe but doesn't sound like just another chapter of that good, old story. It's dope and extremely danceable at the same time . . . . 

Kombinat100 [ Live ]

1998 trafen sich in einer verrauchten Bar in Neustrelitz ( Mecklenburg ) drei junge Musiker und philosophierten über ihre neuesten musikalischen Eindrücke, über Synthesizer, Drummaschinen, Sequencer und fette Basselines. Als Jens, Molle und Henry feststellten, dass sich da immer mehr eine Idee entwickelt und sie nach ein, zwei sessions im damaligen home studio von Molle merkten das die Harmonie zwischen ihnen stimmt, stand der Entschluss fest...

Mollono.Bass [ Dj / Live ]

Far away from the urban scene hotspots Mollono.Bass developed a style that is as vibrant and varied as the cycle of the seasons. Just like the forests and fields of his rural neighbourhood look very different in the warm sunshine of a spring day than they do in the mysterious fogs of autumn, the sound of Mollono.Bass creates a wide range of atmospheres. Which makes his productions, his DJ and live sets an adventurous journey through genres,

Pophop [ Dj ]

His treasure chests filled with black gold and glistening silver, capturing a vast collection of acoustic tales… Being a buccaneer, Pophop is right in his element when cruising through the sound waves of that endless ocean named music, always in search of new melodies.

Bonfante [ Dj ]

BONFANTE is the result of a cultural mélange: raised between Spain and Germany, she played in early years classical & jazz, before dedicating completely to electronic music. This is the colourful background of her organic and melodic style.

Commander Love [ Dj ]

love is in the air

There are two things that unite the people: love and music. Lucky one who knows how to connect these elements and lucky for us that he became a DJ. And this is how his space shuttle reached Earth in the last decade (some people say it even came from Venus)....

Dole & Kom [ Live / Dj ]

It is1993 when Dole meets Kom in Berlin’s Delirium record store, where both work as vinyl dealers. Complementary music taste and an evolving friendship are the basis for numerous mutual DJ gigs at all the mayor clubs around, like Tresor, E-Werk or WMF. Producing under the moniker Clubheroes, their first single ‘Dum Dum’ is released on Chicago’s prestigious Relief Records. Also, they join the artist roster of legendary Formaldehyd Records.

Eule:nhaupt & Molle:nhauer [ Dj ]

Well, this is gonna be frisky: Go-getting musical globetrotter Eule aka Eulenhaupt meets his DJ colleague Molle aka Mollenhauer, the cheerful dude from Mecklenburg with his special passion for groove. The result of this encounter clearly bears the hallmarks of the two of them and therefore is similar varied and entertaining like the gentlemen themselves. ... 

Green Lake Project [ Dj ]

Join Greenlake Project on its chase through an alien forest of sound. Find yourself zipping past the repetitive pattern of massive tree trunks on both sides of the path as the steady pulse of a bassline drives you forward. In the undergrowth you can spot the strange beauty of bright melodic flowers that grow from unknown dimensions. Suddenly the view opens upon the slow motion dynamics of a mysterious fog oscillating in the grey-orange twilight over a dark forest lake. 

René Bourgeois [ Dj ]

Dj- producer- Video producer – Cinematographer. „Music is like my diary“ If our appriciated earth had an orbit and inclination, who would prolong our day, René Bourgeois would be one of the first, who would use this additional time usefull. The Dresden born musicaesthete is bustling like no one else. Already as very young teenager he was harkening to the secrets of 16Bit, Art of Noise, Off or Yello. His relocation to Chaos-City, like a lot people like to call the capital, was decisive for his coming musical development.

Stephan Zovsky [ Dj / Live ]

He takes the whole fun-thing damn seriously. That’s why he doesn’t sweep away his audience in a first-strike torrent of chartbusters, but rather adopts a strategy of sublime thoroughness. In consequence the euphoria that builds during his sets comes from deep down: Straight from the heart.

Timboletti [ Live / Dj ]

Rumours have it that he escaped from a confetti factory in some faraway place, and that he was on the road with a flea circus afterwards. That would explain why all those sepia-coloured scenes from exotic places appear before the inner eye of his listeners.

Katzengold [ Dj ]

The interplay of dreamy melodies and driving sound invites you to float away together, completely carefree from head to heart and then straight to your feet. That's why she likes to describe her style as “dreamer techno”.

Come on their dreamy journey and forget the reality...

Arne Schattenberg

Learning the piano from a young age Arne was always passionate about music. Later on he was drawn to punk rock and started playing bass and singing in his own band while simultaneously working on his first electronic tracks using Fruity Loops.His broad taste in music lead him - as you'd expect - to techno.

Judith van Waterkant

"Judith van Waterkant was born in the beautiful baltic sea area and crashed into her fathers vinyl collection in a glas vitrine while dancing along with the record "Life is Life" at the tender age of 3. "Nananananaaa"!