Daniel Nitsch [ Dj - Only For Showcases ]

In the middle of the 90s Daniel Nitsch began organising major events in the field of crossover/hip hop/big beat. Being open minded to all kinds of music finally lead him to electronic sounds. In 2001, he and Christian Gleinser founded a project called Nitsch&Gleinser. In the next years they released some EPs, Singles and Remixes on labels like Pocketgame, Lasergun, Voltage-Musique, I220 and many more. 

Be Svendsen [ Live - Only For Showcases ]

Be Svendsen produces organic, tech-style music, painting tonal stories that invoke a rusty key to the door of your imagination. His live performances takes audiences on a profound experimental journey, that spellbinds and unites people in celebration.

Herrhausen & Treindl [ Live - Only for Showcases ]

Laid-back euphoria and slow-motion ecstasy: The music of Herrhausen & Treindl comes with rather low BPM count, but with an extremely high catchiness and danceability.

SkaZka Orchestra [ Band - Only For Showcases ]

Skazka-Orchestra ist Brandungstanzen in Rettungsweste, ist lachende Gesichter in tosenden Wellen russischer Offbeats, Kreuzseen im Sturm der Bläser, volle Nacht voraus, im Seegang verschütteter Vodka, kein Land in Sicht und niemand dabei, den das kümmert. Skazka ist Tanzen bis es hell wird. Seetüchtigkeit vorausgesetzt.

The Micronaut [ Live - Only For Showcases ]

THE MICRONAUT is a one-man orchestra. Tracks narrating with no need for speech, resembling a collage of electronica, samples, and live guitar. The guitar sets the point of departure: riffs evolve and are passed to synthesizer keys, note by note. A peculiar dynamic arises – a merging.

Peng Peng [ Dj - Only For Showcases ]

Peng Peng – That's how it sounds when a dance floor is hit by a double strike of sudden pressure. When this happens, the lower sound spectrum boosts from the speakers like a seismic force of nature, creating a vibe that is dark and dirty. Whereas the higher sound spectrum is like a weightless counterpart, full of subtle melodies and trippy rhythm fragments. Peng Peng – Music that hits your head, that hits your feet, and that goes straight to your heart.

Toby Dreher [ Dj - Only For Showcases ]

Now Toby publish his first soloalbum "Freiluft", where he shows his skills about delivering high quality modern electronic music. Rotary Cocktail Rec. presents 10 of Dreher`s finest tracks to date which range from driving techno to electronica.

Manuel Meyer [ Live ]

Manuel Meyer is an electronic producer based in Hamburg, Germany. Having worked behind the scenes on a number of projects since 2007, including the renowned Zusammenklang, Meyer has moved center stage with his eponymous project Manuel Meyer. A unique style of cosmic house techno, it's crafted to stir up the dance floor and make the body quake and feel alive.